Broaden Your Reach by Joining the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem

Become a part of the Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) Ecosystem and get access to the largest, most dynamic asset service management ecosystem in the industry. The Decisiv SRM Ecosystem includes over 5,000 service locations and over 74,000 fleets across North America that manage more than 4 million service and repair events for commercial vehicles annually. Connecting with the Decisiv SRM platform enhances the value of your services and solutions to fleets, service providers, and manufacturers.

Current SRM Ecosystem partners are both producers and consumers of critical asset and service information. By connecting data, systems, and services via the SRM Ecosystem, you help drive the performance and effective utilization of assets.

Decisiv SRM connects multiple stakeholders of the commercial vehicle service ecosystem to provide seamless collaboration and communication throughout a standardized service process. For instance, you can connect to the SRM Ecosystem to exchange and analyze critical service event information such as standardized inspections or diagnostic and repair information.

Join the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem today and engage with the largest asset service management ecosystem throughout the commercial vehicle industry.

DMS Partner Program

Decisiv is excited to offer a program specifically designed for Dealer Management System (DMS) providers. The DMS Partner Program supports your efforts to deliver value to commercial vehicle service locations and OEMs throughout the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem.

Decisiv developed the DMS partner program with the objective of:

  • Strengthening integrations between your DMS solution and the Decisiv SRM platform
  • Improving support for mutual customers
  • Expanding collaboration to improve the experience at the service location

By joining the DMS Partner Program, you will benefit from the following:

  • Consistent provider and customer experiences throughout the dealer network
  • Streamlined interoperations between the Decisiv SRM platform and your DMS, including increased sharing of data
  • Improved service experience with streamlined workflows, eliminating duplicate entry and minimizing redundant tasks
  • Enhanced communication capabilities that expedite return to service
  • Access to expanded functionality and support for both OEMs and service locations
  • Inclusion in the Decisiv Marketplace to sell your products

DMS partners committing to the highest tiers of integration realize the following additional range of benefits:

  • Detailed analysis regarding the level of integration across several functional areas such as case creation, Repair Order (RO) creation and RO updating
  • Service level agreements to coordinate critical support for service locations
  • Resource collaboration focused on joint planning of software enhancements, joint marketing, and product roadmap reviews
  • Priority beta testing of functionality to enable early testing of features
  • Revenue sharing for jointly developed capabilities
  • Promotion of specialized areas of integration, such as support for VMRS codes.