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SRM Operations Package

Company Name:

Decisiv, Inc.


Solution Overview:

The Decisiv SRM Operations Package enables asset managers and owners to create operations and inspections, create maintenance schedules based on those operations, and share all this information with the Service Provider Network. This improves a fleet’s control and drives consistency in asset service management by standardizing service events and their costs.

Solution Description:

Create customized operations.
Fleets are able to create operations, using the Builder application, unique to any specific requirements with their own VMRS coding and labor times. Once an operation is created, this operation is available for service providers when they create an estimate in a case on the Decisiv SRM platform.

Create maintenance schedules.
Fleet-specific and/or OEM-recommended maintenance plans enable leasing companies, FMCs, and service providers to see which assets are due or overdue for preventive maintenance at a glance. Easily define specific conditions and milestones or intervals such as time, mileage, or engine hours. Whenever any of these conditions are met, a preventive maintenance case is automatically created and the service provider is alerted to the service event.

Create inspection operations.
Establish and complete a consistent inspection process as well as store results for historical tracking and analysis. Fleets are able to create electronic inspections where inspection-related items are added such as locations and outcomes, and can include operations related to the outcomes.

Share recommended operations with service providers and ensure compliance.
Once an operation is created, it’s available for service providers when they create an estimate in a case on the Decisiv SRM platform. Every time a service provider creates a service event, a notification appears with the relevant fleet recommended operations which can be added to the case with just one click. Compliance activities are enhanced through planning, tracking, and documenting inspection and service work.

Streamline the process and bring significant efficiencies, consistency and time savings:

  • Changes to operations are instantly available
  • An RO can be created automatically as the outcome of failure inspections
  • Electronic capture and distribution of data (no paper forms, emails or phone calls needed)
  • Standardize work across different service providers

Ability to plan for maintenance which translates into:

  • More efficient operation management
  • Visibility and control over the service work being done on every asset
  • Greater customer satisfaction due to proactive maintenance and reduced unplanned breakdowns

About the Company:

Virginia-based Decisiv is the provider of the largest asset service management ecosystem for the commercial vehicle industry. The Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform is the foundation for the nearly 5,000 service locations across North America that manage more than 3.5 million service and repair events for commercial vehicles annually. Through Decisiv’s SRM platform, dealers, service providers, manufacturers, and fleet and asset managers can communicate and collaborate during every service event. The SRM solution streamlines the entire asset service management process bringing all the necessary diagnostic, telematics and asset information together for all participants, and delivers it at the point of service. This level of connectivity and collaboration drives an unrivaled level of service performance and asset optimization that gets trucks back on the road faster so fleets see higher revenue per asset and lower costs. Service providers using SRM establish efficient communication, better controls, and increased productivity in service operations that enables them to become trusted partners to fleets. For manufacturers, SRM enhances the value of service networks and provides data and analytics to help develop more reliable and efficient commercial assets. For more information, visit www.decisiv.com.

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