Service Data Index Overview

An Unrivaled Perspective on Commercial Vehicle Service

Decisiv is uniquely positioned to provide new and unrivaled insights into data that can drive the performance, availability, and efficient utilization of commercial assets.

Read on to explore our Decisiv Service Data Index, which leverages data on parts and labor costs across different regions to provide a more holistic view of factors which drive expenses. The Service Data Index is intended to help asset owners, fleet managers, and service providers understand and compare parts and labor rates across the United States and Canada, and on a regional basis. OEMs can use information from the Service Data Index to gain insights into trends in parts and labor costs throughout their networks and to better understand their customers’ experience from region to region.

The Decisiv Service Data Index and supporting reports will be updated monthly, presenting Month over Month and Year over Year analyses of parts and labor costs and key trends.

North American Parts & Labor Costs (click here to view data)

The Decisiv SRM Ecosystem is the industry’s preferred system of engagement for tracking and managing service and repair events for over seven million assets operating across the USA and Canada, and on a daily basis, our skilled team of data scientists captures parts and labor information on more than 14,000 weekday repair events at nearly 5,000 service locations throughout North America. This gives us the ability to quantify and dynamically report on changes in parts and labor costs both nationally and on a regional basis.

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Parts & Labor Costs by VMRS Group Level

Decisiv’s research data on parts and labor costs has been expanded to include Group Level reporting based on the standard three-digit VMRS System Code Key 31 applied to operations in advance of, during, or after a service event. The regional breakdown and comparative cost analysis based on transaction level service data marks the first time this level of information has been made available, enabling fleets to more critically assess and compare service costs and providing benchmark costing data for service providers.

To view specific cost information by VMRS category, click on the Group Level listings links in the chart below for February, 2023.