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Thank you for visiting the Decisiv Marketplace, the ultimate exchange for Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions within the commercial vehicle industry. The Marketplace is a hub for technology, services, and solutions providers within the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem, the industry’s largest asset service ecosystem, supporting more than 7 million commercial vehicles and managing more than 12,000 service events each day.

Explore the Marketplace today to view products, services and solutions offered by our industry-leading partners, all dedicated to driving asset performance, streamlining service, and improving operations for asset owners, fleet managers, and service providers. Find a vendor, product or service via the Marketplace Menu to the right, or use the search bar to find specific solutions or types.

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Solutions Center

The Decisiv Solutions Center includes a rich description of integrated services and products being provided by Decisiv and its Marketplace partners – broad ranging solutions designed to enable collaborative service management, improved asset performance, and enhanced asset utilization.

SRM Operations Package

SRM Operations Package

The Decisiv Fleet Operations Package enables asset managers and owners to create operations and inspections, create maintenance schedules based on those operations, and share all this information with the Service Provider Network.

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Marketplace Hub

The Marketplace Hub includes information gathered for the benefit of fleets, dealers, and other industry partners who seek a centralized location for information on critical industry trends, new technology developments, and innovation in asset service management.

Industry Trends & Drivers

Information on the newest and future trends and technology via white papers and research from industry leaders.

How Truck Automation May Change Roadside Inspections

How Truck Automation May Change Roadside Inspections

Here’s an exercise in future think: You know what can happen now at a roadside inspection of one of your trucks. But what might happen in the perhaps-not-so-distant future at one of those routine occurrences when your truck is highly or fully automated? And how might a truly “driverless” truck be inspected at an accident scene?

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Industry Perspectives

Relevant articles, podcasts, and webinars provide perspective on current industry happenings.

NACFE Adds Autonomous Trucking Insight to Website

NACFE Adds Autonomous Trucking Insight to Website

Given the far-reaching and potentially disruptive effects the autonomous movement of goods will have on the trucking industry, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency has begun exploring the subject of autonomous trucking, publishing a series of articles on its website under the banner NACFE’s Perspective on Autonomous Trucking.

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Marketplace News

News and information on the latest product and service releases and announcements from Decisiv and our SRM Ecosystem partners.

Decisiv Perspectives

Relevant articles, podcasts and webinars provide perspective on current industry happenings.

SRM Podcast

Decisiv SRM Ecosystem

Introducing a brand new episode of the SRM Exchange podcast. Join Decisiv product strategy experts Pete Russo, Senior VP of Product, Strategy and Innovation; Sara Howes, Senior Director of Products and User Experience; and Ronnie Shaw, Senior Director of Products, as they discuss the capabilities that Decisiv SRM offers for an unmatched user experience.

Service Management: Communication and Cost Reduction

This new Fleeting Thoughts podcast series is hosted by industry veterans Robert Nordstrom and Tom Nutting. We invite you to listen in as they discuss emerging trends, provide industry perspectives, and share what Decisiv SRM can do for fleets and asset managers.

The Evolution of the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem & Marketplace

In the first SRM Exchange podcast, Decisiv’s President and CEO Dick Hyatt discusses how the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem has become the recognized hub for asset service management, and how the Ecosystem and new Decisiv Marketplace continue to evolve.

Decisiv Service Data Index

Explore our Decisiv Service Data Index, which leverages data on parts and labor costs across different regions to provide a more holistic view of factors which drive expenses. The Service Data Index is intended to help asset owners, fleet managers, and service providers understand and compare parts and labor rates across the United States and Canada, and on a regional basis. OEMs can use information from the Service Data Index to gain insights into trends in parts and labor costs throughout their networks and to better understand their customers’ experience from region to region. The charts below reflect the most current available data.

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