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MOTOR Estimated Work Times

Company Name:

MOTOR Information Systems


Solution Overview:

MOTOR’s Estimated Work Times (EWTs) provides real-world labor times for the most commonly performed operations, delivered using standardized web services. For over 50 years, MOTOR has set the industry standard for mechanical labor times. Receive this trusted data via MOTOR Data as a Service (DaaS), a secure web service. License light- or, medium- and heavy-duty data, or license both for convenient access to labor times for Class 1 through 8 vehicles.

Solution Description:

Estimated Work Times offers many data-driven solutions for repair shops, fleets, dealership/shop management system developers, parts retailers and more.

  • Supports 1985+ light-duty and 1989+ medium- and heavy-duty vehicles for the U.S. market
  • Labor times available for all vehicle classes in a single location
  • Operations mapped to a nine-digit Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) (medium- and heavy-duty)
  • Labor times developed by industry experts
  • Accelerate quote process

About the Company:

MOTOR is the world’s premier supplier of automotive data. Since 1903, MOTOR’s mission has been to provide accurate, thorough and timely information.

MOTOR designs information solutions for the vehicle aftermarket from decades of automotive parts, repair and service information. We use the latest technology to deliver these solutions as mobile software applications, web services, and data extracts.

MOTOR is headquartered in Troy, Michigan.

Contact Info:

Dillon Martell

804-762-4153 x1