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Introducing SRM Discovery Status Tracker

SRM Discovery Status Tracker is a new management reporting system that delivers actionable information directly to you, for managing and controlling your service event process. The Status Tracker dashboards and reports provide visibility into how long it takes to service an asset as well as where time is being spent during that process.

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Solution Overview:

The Status Tracker reports give you immediate insight into your service performance through the ability to maintain a top-down view on both daily case activity and the effectiveness of your service operations. This includes data about your service operations at multiple levels: Overall, Dealer, Service Advisor, and Individual Case.

And the results have been impressive. Service operations using Status Tracker have achieved an overall decrease in the time to return an asset to service of 11% to 24%, including a decline of 5 hours in Check In time, and a reduction of 12 hours in Hold for Authorization time.

To purchase SRM Discovery Status Tracker:

  1. In the quantity field enter the number of locations for your subscription. 
  2. Find your location IDs. The ID can be found in Decisiv SRM at the top of the “Location Information” page, which is within the “Customize Your Database” option within the “Admin Tools”.
  3. Identify the user names of the people in your organization that need access to Status Tracker.
  4. Click the order button above or use contact information below.

Solution Description:

SRM Discovery Status Tracker will help you identify operational efficiency improvements, leading to:

  • Faster return to service of assets
  • Quicker customer approval of estimates
  • More revenue-generating wrench time for technicians
  • Increased volume of service events Improved customer experience

Understand the Big Picture: SRM Discovery Status Tracker’s management dashboard lets you easily identify the use of status throughout your service operations, including between departments and across locations and timeframes. With Status Tracker, you can spot potential bottlenecks in your service process and investigate ways to minimize excessive durations.

View the Trends: Status Tracker offers you perspectives on trends over a timeframe; whether examining days out of service trends, status duration trends, or location trends. You’ll see operational changes and can determine if they are delivering the expected improvements to the service delivery process. With these insights, you’ll be able to identify and understand outlier situations to further streamline your service operations.

Examine Location and Service Advisor Performance: With SRM Discovery Status Tracker, you’ll understand the overall percentage of time that each location, or service advisor, spends in a particular status as well as the overall number of days spent in that status across all cases.

Examine the Details: The Status Tracker’s dashboards and reports give you both the broad overview and the specific details you need for streamlining service delivery, including access to a visual display of status changes within a single case.

About the Company:

Decisiv, Inc.

For more information, visit www.decisiv.com.

Contact Info:

Dillon Martell

804-762-4153 x1