The Decisiv SRM Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Decisiv Marketplace?

The Decisiv Marketplace is the ultimate online resource for Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions. The Decisiv Marketplace provides fleet owners and managers, dealers, service providers, and manufacturers in the commercial vehicle industry with access to valuable software and services offerings within the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem. Our connected SRM Ecosystem includes over 7 million assets in operation, more than 74,000 fleet owners and managers, and over 5,000 dealers.

How will my information be featured on the Decisiv Marketplace?
The Marketplace gives our valued partners the opportunity to gain broad exposure to the growing SRM ecosystem of commercial vehicle asset owners, fleet managers, and service managers as well as to prospective users seeking asset and service management solutions. The information you provide will be referenceable via your company name and by product/service/solution name.
Can I submit more than one service or solution? If so, how?

Yes. As you complete each listing, you will see the option to submit another listing. You will be able to repeat the steps for each specific product, service or solution, without re-entering your company contact information.

Is there a limit to the number of listings I can submit?
Each partner may include up to three (3) product or service listings. If you wish to submit more than three listings, please contact our Marketplace experts at
Is there a source for a more detailed description of each product/service/solution category?

Yes. Please click here for a glossary of category terms.

What is the approval and review procedure for the listings I submit? How long will it take?

Once received, Decisiv will review your listing and post it or respond to you with any questions about your listing within five (5) business days.

Is there a character limit on the length of the product descriptions?

The descriptive fields and the Features and Benefits field are limited to 500 characters.

What types of supporting files can I submit for my product listing, and what are the size limits for each file type?

You are encouraged to provide supporting information via the ‘Media Upload’ and ‘Links to Related Tutorials, Documentation or Video Content’ fields. Presentations, product fact sheets, case studies, white papers, and images are all good examples of accepted supporting information. Please see the form for instructions to upload. We accept PDFs, JPGs, and PNG files, as well as video content URLs.

What is the procedure for updating my listings?

If you determine that updates are needed to any of your listings, please click here to access the Partner Intake Form. Please complete the form and click ‘Submit’ at the end. We will complete updates or respond to you with any questions within five (5) business days. Decisiv will also send out reminders to review your information on a semi-annual basis.

Can you share an example of a completed listing?

To view a listing example, click here. Please note that the final layout will be dependent on the amount of supporting information provided.

Who is the point of contact if I have additional questions?

Contact our Marketplace experts at