The Decisiv SRM Marketplace


(Product / Service / Solution Type Categories)

Business/Dealer Management Systems: Companies which offer bundled management information systems created specifically for commercial equipment service providers, including dealers, distributors, and independent service providers. These systems are known as Dealer Management Systems, Dealer Business Systems and Point of Sale Systems.

Consulting and Implementation Services: Consulting and advisory firms dedicated to delivering end-to-end business, management process, and technology solutions.

Contract Maintenance: Companies which deliver or manage maintenance solutions (e.g., full-service leasing or managed maintenance) under a contractual agreement with commercial equipment owners or operators.

Data and Analytics: Companies which inspect, cleanse, transform, model, and present data with the goal of discovering relevant information and influencing decision making.

Diagnostics: Companies offering connected asset technologies and solutions which provide assessments of the overall health of an asset by reading, analyzing, and documenting diagnostic trouble codes and relevant vehicle data (e.g., meter readings and engine operating conditions). The solution could also include suggested additional diagnostic steps or recommended repair plans.

ERP/CRM Systems: Companies which provide integrated software and technology for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

Fleet Management Systems: Companies which deliver integrated software and technology designed to manage fleet operations, asset management, and maintenance management.

Manufacturers (Component Suppliers): Original equipment manufacturers of parts and components supporting the commercial asset industry.

Mobile Service & Repair: Service providers which travel to the location of a disabled asset to perform repairs.

Payment Processing: Companies which manage financial transactions from various channels to facilitate accurate and on-time invoicing (including consolidated billing), payments, and settlements.

Repair Information: Companies which provide information and solutions for various repair needs in the commercial asset industry.

Service Network Provider: Companies which own, operate and sell access to a network of service provider locations (e.g., dealer groups, distributor groups, and independent service locations; could also include a call center for the network).

Service & Repair Operations Labor Time Guides: Companies which provide a library of asset service and repair operations, usually based on asset year, make, and model. The library typically includes a description of what is covered in each operation, as well as industry-accepted labor hours for each operation, based on quantitative or qualitative operations data and analysis.

Telematics: Companies which provide connected asset technology and solutions to collect meter and location data about assets.

Tire Repair, Breakdown & Towing Services: Companies which provide on-location breakdown and tire repair as well as transportation and recovery services for disabled assets. This may include breakdown call centers and access to one or more service networks, including mobile repair.