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MacKay and Company

Company Name:

MacKay & Company


Solution Overview:

MacKay & Company is a pioneer in market research for commercial trucking, construction and agricultural equipment. We’ve progressively refined and modernized our methods to deliver the most relevant market research to our clients. Delivering the goods since 1968, we have the experience needed to address our clients’ needs.

Solution Description:

There are three basic types of MacKay & Company services:

  1. DataMac®: Recurring aftermarket profile and forecast services in the truck, agriculture and construction equipment markets for parts, tires and lubricants.
  2. Multi-Client Studies: Issue-oriented, group sponsored in-depth market research focused on topics of broad critical interest.
  3. Proprietary: Single-client, strategic and tactical marketing consulting to address client’s specific need. These types of projects can include focus groups, surveys or personal interviews with owners, buyers and maintainers of on and off-highway equipment as well sellers of equipment, parts and/or service providers and component and vehicle manufacturers.

About the Company:

MacKay & Company is a specialized management consulting and market research firm. With headquarters in suburban Chicago, the company’s focus since 1968 has been and continues to be commercial on-highway vehicles, construction equipment, farm field machinery and related areas. Our client base includes the major original equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, parts distributors, service providers, private equity and investment banking firms and publishing companies in these markets. The scope of MacKay & Company’s practice includes analyses of original equipment and aftermarket potential, strategic options, distribution policies, product introduction, quality management, acquisitions, and a range of related subjects.

Contact Info:

John Blodgett