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SRM Discovery Custom Reporting

Company Name:

Decisiv, Inc.


Solution Overview:

SRM Discovery Custom Reporting from Decisiv is a technical services solution that helps you get access to the data and insights you need to make well-informed decisions about your operations. And your custom reports are readily available via SRM Insite. Custom Reporting is a fast, easy, and safe way to get the data you need to understand customer journeys, review the performance of operations, or look at data from multiple locations.

Solution Description:

With SRM Discovery Custom Reporting you gain visibility with valuable analytics. Measure the speed, cost and effectiveness of your service operations. Valuable analytics that are enabled with service event data include cost analysis of service operations (including VMRS trends), monitoring parts usage trends, and analyzing the frequency of digital communications (internal service provider and customer).

Ad-hoc Reporting: Untangle complex data sets quickly and easily. With our powerful query and reporting tools and our expert knowledge of SRM data, Decisiv can create custom reports for you that help you visualize the data the way you want to see it.

Interactive Visualizations and Embedded Analytics: Decisiv can generate clear and interactive visualizations of your data and personalize them to your exact specifications. Our analytics solution unlocks the valuable insights you need to make informed decisions.

Dashboard Reports: Monitor your data on the go. Decisiv can generate dashboard reports to give you access to the metrics you need at-a-glance to track performance and take action.

About the Company:

For more information, visit www.decisiv.com.

Contact Info:

Dillon Martell

804-762-4153 x1