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SRM Sentinel

Company Name:

Decisiv, Inc.


Company Description:

SRM Sentinel, Decisiv’s Managed Care application helps service providers proactively manage upcoming maintenance needs for their customers’ assets using real-time event alerts to create appointments. Sentinel is a comprehensive solution for identifying active preventive maintenance, recall, campaign, and fault code alerts for assets across brands, in one easy-to-use interface. Users are able to quickly translate these alerts to appointments in just a few clicks, providing a differentiated customer experience.

Drive Business. Drive business to your shops while providing customers with greater control over their assets by proactively scheduling service for due and overdue preventive maintenance based on a recommended schedule.

Strengthen Customer Relationships. Improve your value with fleet owners by preemptively taking care of service alerts. Easily manage both scheduled maintenance and respond to breakdown events or repairs for your customers with just a few clicks, as well as have ready access to asset details and warranty information. Whenever there are unexpected alerts to be addressed, you’re able to quickly schedule the asset for service in your shop and generate cases directly in the Decisiv SRM platform.

Increase Visibility. Focus on the alerts that matter by bringing attention to the right data at the right time. Data is made actionable with a real-time dashboard that shows all known and serviceable alerts from any asset brand. With SRM Sentinel, you’re always up to date. Receive notifications on any appointment updates, including updates that are caused by changes to the status of a case. You can also view a diverse set of reports on Customers, Alert Types, and Appointment Status.

Increase Confidence. SRM Sentinel is a logical extension and improvement to the way you work today. Take the guesswork out of scheduling service since the Sentinel application uses the valuable service data you already have on the Decisiv platform. The application is connected to the SRM Case application, so you will be able to create and manage cases based on the appointments created in the Sentinel application.

Solution Description:

Receive alerts that tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. Customize and filter alerts for any particular asset or customer, and defer the alerts to address them at a later time.

View all your appointments by service location including filtering by customer and by appointment status (e.g. requested, overdue, completed, canceled).

Search the entire system for a specific asset, customer, or appointment. Initiate a new request for a specific asset.

View reports related to the number of active alerts, appointment status, cancellation reasons, and more.

About the Company:

Virginia-based Decisiv is the provider of the largest asset service management ecosystem for the commercial vehicle industry. The Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform is the foundation for the nearly 5,000 service locations across North America that manage more than 3.5 million service and repair events for commercial vehicles annually. Through Decisiv’s SRM platform, dealers, service providers, manufacturers, and fleet and asset managers can communicate and collaborate during every service event. The SRM solution streamlines the entire asset service management process bringing all the necessary diagnostic, telematics and asset information together for all participants, and delivers it at the point of service. This level of connectivity and collaboration drives an unrivaled level of service performance and asset optimization that gets trucks back on the road faster so fleets see higher revenue per asset and lower costs. Service providers using SRM establish efficient communication, better controls, and increased productivity in service operations that enables them to become trusted partners to fleets. For manufacturers, SRM enhances the value of service networks and provides data and analytics to help develop more reliable and efficient commercial assets. For more information, visit www.decisiv.com.

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