Solution Overview:

Service providers and call centers can dispatch mobile technicians for remote service and stay up-to-date on the progress of each event, which also means they can provide customers with accurate and timely updates on their repairs. Dispatched technicians can use their iOS or Android device to see where they need to go next, access asset and complaint information in the field, and both view and update real-time data about ETA, ETR, and repair details.

Case: Service Workflow Management Components

Inspection Center

Establish and complete a consistent inspection process and store results for historical tracking and analysis. Consistent inspections result in more effective preventive maintenance for fleets, which translates into less asset downtime, and improved safety. Service locations can expand the range of services provided and increase customer satisfaction.

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To speed the service process and reduce downtime, service providers are able to create electronic estimates and send them to asset owners for approval. Asset owners can approve estimates from service providers and other vendors as well as defer or decline individual line items.

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